Sunday, July 22, 2007

we have the best friends ever. period.

It's a wonderful thing to be loved. When I read Val's recent post, I wasn't halfway through the second paragraph before my vision was so blurred from a flood of tears, I couldn't read a word.

The process of raising support and preparing to move to Scotland has been a long one, and I'm very thankful for the length of it. If I had to move 20 months ago, intense emotional damage would've been done. I've had 20 months to prepare myself, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I've also had 20 months to get used to the idea of saying goodbye.

Val's right, there are certain events and triggers that bring on a rush of emotion and a vivid realization of our imminent departure for Scotland. The first one for me was the night we finished packing and left our home. I realized we had to leave our cat, our home, and begin the transition period were we don't really have a home. I had a 10 minute breakdown, and then pulled it together out of necessity to get things done.

Breakdown #2 came while reading Val's blog post. We have so many amazing friends here. It's hard to explain the joy that comes with having friends who love us for who we are, support us unconditionally, and are so much fun! It's comforting to know how easy it is to keep in touch; but nothing can replace being here, face to face. If I wasn't so sure that this is what God's calling us to do, I'd have some serious misgivings about leaving. True friendships, like the ones we have with Ross & Val, aren't hindered by time or distance. Actually, many times these friendships are strengthened by challenges like these.

I'm going to miss all of my friends and family more than I'll know how to express; I'll never stop thinking about you guy's and wishing I was here with you. Please know I always want to know what's going on in your lives, keep me updated!

I'm looking forward to coming back and picking up right where we left off. There's so much more of our lives to share...we're gonna have kids to raise together!

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Janet said...

Jennifer, I've been there done that and I know that when God is in it there will be joy. Janet