Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Great News!!!

I just spoke with a wonderful friend and learned some exciting news...she's pregnant! I won't tell you who she is, in case you know her and she hasn't told you yet; I mean it his her news and her body and her baby, so that pretty much means she has a right to tell you, not me. So when everyone who could know does know, I'll post some pictures of us from back in the day so you can have a taste of just how much fun we've had together. We go way back.

It's hard to explain the excitement I felt when she told me. I don't have kids myself, so I have no idea how it feels personally. And I have friends who have had babies, and know plenty of older women, and family members who have had babies, but this was different. My friends that have had babies thus far have all been surprises that they weren't necesarily hoping for. That in no way diminishes the beauty and wonder of pregnancy and babies and all that stuff, or their love for their children; it's just that the initial excitement is different when it's someone who's been trying and hoping for a child. And the bond I have with this friend is one that will last for our lifetime, and then some, so when something wonderful happens to her, I'm able to share in her joy at a much deeper level.

Congratulations _________ and ____________! I'm so excited to be an "aunt"!

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