Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Do you think James will fit on the plane?

I definitely think he will have to duck. It's a small one, but the flight's only an hour, so he'll only have to fold himself up like a pretzel for a little bit.

We're sitting at the gate in Richmond, waiting for the go-ahead to board. There's a little bit of a wait. We definitely don't mind having to sit for a while, it's been a few years since we've had the chance to sit and do absolutely nothing for this long.

After the quick jaunt to Newark, NJ, we'll head off to Edinburgh around 10:00 pm to arrive at 10:00 am Thursday Scotland time (5:00 am your time).

Hard to believe we're finally traveling after nearly two years of prep: we're super excited!

Check-in was rediculously easy. No waiting, and we didn't hold anybody else up in line. We downsized our trunk number from 8 to 6, two duffel bags, and two there might be a chance we can fit all our stuff in Angus' car when he picks us up on the other side of the Atlantic!

We had a fun send-off at the airport, thanks so much to everyone who came to see us off. And as I requested, there were no tears! Thanks for holding back, it has made the rest of the day much easier for me. It was a fun party.

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