Monday, September 24, 2007

Mad Gab

Have you ever played this game? It's so much fun. I'd give you a link to the game, but I can't figure out how to do it on this UK keyboard; there are some differences and it's not working for me. You're on your own to look it up. Anyway, things are written a certain way: "Amen Ask Hurt". Your teammate will try to say it outloud until you can figure out that they're actually saying "a mini skirt."

We played it last night at Youth Fellowship with the kids, and didn't realize there would be certain phrases that would mean nothing to Scottish people. Turns out, about a third of the cards are useless here! Just one of the many interesting differences we've noticed.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jen! That game sounds like fun! I just caught up on reading your other recent entries. GOD IS GOOD!!! I'm so happy for you guys at how everything is working out, but with God in control how can we doubt!?! -- Oh us of little faith - :) Can't wait to see pics!

Love, Lori