Saturday, September 22, 2007

Yay for bikes!

Our bikes have arrived! We're soooo excited. And the customs tax that was originally going to be almost $400 was dropped, seriously that is so amazing. Who knows why that happened, we don't really care why, we're just glad it happened!

Another amazing thing that happened was our Visa's were approved for two years. Everything you read says only one year at a time, anything more than that, you have to reapply. Doing that would cost around $2,000 which we don't have budgeted. It's incredible the way God works everything out.

The weather is definitely colder than what we're used to. When people here ask us about the climate in Virginia, they almost pass out at the mention of 80F being comfortable, that's a heat wave to them! It's been in the 50's-60's, windy and rainy. But there is a trade-off for the not so great weather. When it's nice, it's absolutely brilliant (to use a common Scottish descriptive.).

We're on our way to getting internet in our house, which will lead to lots of pictures for you to see, a tour of our house, and way more blog posts! I can't wait to share lots more stuff with you. We've signed up, and they say it won't be more than 15 days until it's connected. The countdown is on!


Valerie said...

Horay for bikes! You guys will have so much fun.

andi said...

Are the bikes the result of the "deciding what to do about a car" comment from your last post? Also, if James ever ends up in a kilt, you know, just for fun or whatever, I would like to see a picture.

Jennifer said...

there will definitely be lots of pictures when James is in a kilt, i'm sure it will happen one day. there will probably have to be video of it as well! i'll be sure to share.