Wednesday, September 05, 2007

more endings

We have a very exciting adventure ahead of us. We're actually in the middle of the adventure right now, it just doesn't seem like it since we're still at home. Sometimes when I stop and think about the fact that we're up and leaving the place and people we adore for two years in Scotland, a place we don't really know for people we sorta know, it seems pretty crazy. It is pretty crazy. But we know for sure that this is what we're supposed to do.

Being assured of a calling, and excited for the adventure, doesn't make it easy to leave.

There was a span of about 4 hours that was pretty insane today.

I left work at 3:00, realizing at 2:50 that today is really my last day, I wouldn't be working on Monday as I had previously planned. I walked out and immediately started crying, but better outside alone rather than inside around hordes of people. Then I got the kindest voicemail from Blair, one of my oldest bestest friends. I voicemailed her back and totally lost control while leaving the message. Who knows if she could make any sense of my blubbering.

Racing home, I met James at the house to get Owen in the car and off to a nice lady's house. This wonderful lady is having a 3 day trial run with Owen and her three dogs to see if it would work out for her to keep Owen while we're in Scotland and then, get this...GIVE HER BACK TO US!!! It would be a dream come true. If you think of it, please say a prayer that Owen will be on her best behavior and not do anything really bad while she's there. If this doesn't work out, well, I don't want to think about that yet because we have no idea what we'll do. So I'm missing Owen terribly right now. It's way too quiet without her.

Before and after the sleepover drop-off, I was making a million phone calls to the Visa people to try and figure out if we had a chance of getting them before our flight leaves on Wednesday (another thing I don't want to think about, because the Visa people have our passports, so if we don't get our Visa's, we don't get our Passports, and we don't fly). Turned out, as usual, that something else was wrong and needed to be changed, info had to be faxed in, our credit card had to be charged again, the mail avenue had to be altered. And of course, my phone died right when it was most important that it didn't. Then followed mad dashing to try and get to a fax machine that works. Fax machines seem so archaic, why can't I just email you?

All this to say I was super emotional. Packing up more stuff, with my mom to help, was a nice mindless way to spend the evening. It's wild being on this roller coaster of emotions. But, the only way I'm able to get through this is by resting in the peace and strength God gives me. I certainly don't have the strength to do it myself.

Seriously though, I have a pretty amazing life. How cool is it that we get to travel to another country, live for two years, and tell other people how much Jesus loves them!

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Drew said...

It is liberating beyond words to get your emotions out every so often and have a good cry. I am glad to be supporting your trip and your mission. God will get you to Scotland no matter what the Visa people say, don't worry.

Tell James we'll miss his inside presence this winter...

God is good and He blesses us so much, it is good to stop and realize it every so often.