Thursday, September 27, 2007

A New Car!

We recently returned from a trip to Inverness (45 minutes south) with Angus to speak with a friend who is high up in a car dealership about us possibly acquiring a car. So far our bikes have worked well for transport around Dornoch; but it will continue to grow colder, and there are times we need to drive to farther away places.

We've considered various transportation options (buying, leasing, renting, public transportation, which is very limited in Dornoch) which all turned out to be very expensive. Insurance has been another barrier. With our Va licenses, we are allowed to drive for one year, after that we are expected to pass a UK driving test, which we've heard is extremely difficult. But without that, insurance could end up being very costly, making the idea of getting a car way more expensive than our budget allows.

So we went to today's meetings with high hopes, since it was pretty much our last option. Scott is an elder in another Free Church of Scotland and has been very generous to other Mission to the World workers like ourselves. He offered us a deal that made our jaws drop. We would use a brand new car, pay a monthly fee, insurance included, and trade it in every four months for another new car (so they could sell the car as "slightly used"). The fee for the monthly car rental and insurance is so low, we could never expect to even rent a car for a week at that price.

Seriously, we are shocked. But, as Scott said, we shouldn't be surprised at the blessings God provides!


Andrea said...

Awesome! I'm so excited to see through you all how God is providing and taking care of you.

Congrats on car!

Andrea Arthur

mom said...

Ain't God Good!!!

Anonymous said...

Great to see God working!
Janice Caldwell

Anonymous said...


Love, Lori

Anonymous said...

Getting ready to start tonight's prayer service. Just checked to see what cool thing the Lord's been doing with my friends, James and Jenn. A car. Not bad. And as Mr.B is fond of reminding us, "The Best is Yet to Come!"

Love ya, Frank

P.S. Hey it's me. So why does this thing classify me as anonymous?