Monday, October 01, 2007

Lunch at Luigi's

I enjoyed bacon, avacado, and brie on ciabatta bread for lunch today at a local restaurant in Dornoch today. For desert I savored a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone. It was a fairly warm (about 65 degrees) sunny day, so I could justify the ice cream.

One of the employees is from New Jersey. It's so fun to be in Scotland and talk to a man with a New Jersey accent. He moved here 10 years ago and helped open the place with his girlfriend who is from here. Chris says he visited Dornoch and fell in love with the place. He hears people marvel at his story all the time, but he doesn't think it's such a huge deal. He just says he did what everyone else wants to do.

Then we biked down to one of the markets in town. It's farily small. To give you an idea, it's about a third of the size of Joe's Market on Libby Ave. in Richmond. I met and chatted with Archie for a few minutes. He's the butcher and I got to see him cutting up a huge piece of pork into pork chops. It was pretty interesting.

Just a couple of the people we've met since we've been here. We're adjusting to small town life better than we thought we would!


Andrea said...

65 degrees=warm. I would say that you have gotten adjusted to the weather very well.

Isn't it cool to be able to bike most everywhere?

Enjoy your day!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jennifer! Did James watch the Phillies on the internet? Can he believe they're IN?!!! We figured they were out of the running after that fiasco of a game against the Nationals on Saturday. Steve and I watched it, but it was such a bungle it wasn't even fun to see it! But they came back on Sunday! And yea, Mets, for losing so the Phils could go on!

Love your blog! Praying for you guys!