Tuesday, September 18, 2007

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It's incredible how much we've come to rely on the internet for so many things! Hopefully we will have a local phone by tomorrow, and then we can set up our internet access at our house. I'm typing furiously from the library since I have three minutes until my session ends. Other things such as setting up a checking account, getting cell phones, deciding what to do about a car, are slowly coming together.

The people have been so amazing. We've felt so welcomed and loved already. I know there will be many times (and have been already) when I ache to be with my friends and family in the states, but having people here who are so awesome helps me know that those times won't be completely unbearable.

We've had our first Youth Fellowship meeting with kids grades 7-12, it was so much fun, they're really interested in doing tons of events, which we're stoked about!

I can't wait to share lots of pictures with you as soon as I can.

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Andrea said...

Hi James and Jennifer--

So glad to read that you all are settling in and have already had your first Youth Fellowship Meeting.

I think of you all very often and about your experiences there. I hope to send you a longer correspondence via snail mail. But just wanted to say how I thank God that he has put this calling in your hearts and that you obeyed his voice.

God Bless!

Andrea Arthur