Sunday, September 09, 2007

Weekend Wrap-Up

This is the last weekend review I'll do from the States for two years *sniff*

-Did all sorts of preparation stuff to get ready to go. I couldn't even begin to tell you what we did, but it was a ton of stuff.

-More of Friday's events
-Welcomed the Murphy family
-Went to a farewell party thrown for us by our incredibly amazing friends. Had SUCH a wonderful time, didn't cry once because I was having so much fun talking to many friends.

-Up early to visit my brother and say goodbye. Cried.
-Off to church at Stony Point
*Said goodbye to the 10th & 11th graders in the Sunday School class we've helped teach for 4 years. Cried.
*Went to worship, got commissioned by Pastor Frank with our parents up in the front of the church. Didn't have to say anything thankfully. Cried.
*Went to lunch for my mom's birthday with a bunch of family. Didn't cry!
*Went to Franklin Street Community. Was honored and touched by the kind things Benjamin Ferrell said about us. James and I spoke for a few minutes about our departure on Wednesday and how our hearts are feeling. Cried. Like a Baby. So much so that I couldn't speak for a few moments.
*Back to Stony Point to speak for a few minutes, Cried. But just a little. Made the congregation laugh. Was glad for the laughter.
*Listened to the report from the team who went on a mission trip to Uganda this summer. Had my heart broken again after seeing the joy on the faces of the children who have unfathomable troubles but love the Lord so much. Realized how silly my troubles are
*Enjoyed a fun dessert reception with Stony Point Family. Cried. A bunch of times.
*Bought some jewelry hand-made by Ugandan ladies.
*Home to do a little laundry, relax for a moment, and go to bed.

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