Thursday, November 01, 2007

First Scottish Halloween

Trick-or-treating is called Guising in Scotland, from the word disguise. Wednesday morning we led two assemblies in the Primary school (ages 5-11) and invited them all to do some guising at our house. It was so exciting when our horrible sounding buzzer of a doorbell wouldn't stop ringing. They all had jokes to tell us. We didn't think anything of it until we learned tonight that the tradition is, you have to do something (tell a joke, sing a song, recite a poem) to deserve some candy. Not for us Americans! We'll give you handfuls for just standing there!

Here are some of our visitors:

These girls came back three times; the skeleton kept giving us treats from her bag.

Don't let the masks fool you, these are all girls.

These are the "this cape I found is my costume" boys

This little guy's mom said he was begging her to bring him to our house. So cute.

Uh-oh, somebody's losing their pants.

The boy on the right is a riot.

Between the two of them, they put away about 25 snickerdoodles.

The pumpkin on the right was wandering around, not able to see a thing. Her big brother (batman) was doing his best to watch out for her; it was so cute.

I know they look like regular kids in costumes, but to us they're our new friends, and they're very special.

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