Friday, November 02, 2007

Hot Water in a Jiffy

Everyone here (and all over Europe, as far as I know) uses electric kettles. I think it's a necessity since they drink coffee and tea CONSTANTLY and need hot water at a moments notice. Really, they're amazing. I can boil water for coffee in less than two minutes. Why do I have to boil water for coffee you ask? Because typically, everyone uses instant coffee. Yeah, instant. If it's not instant, they use a cafetiere, aka French press. Never have I ever seen anyone use or even own a "regular" coffee maker.

I use it to cook with: boil the water super fast in the kettle and then pour it into the pot to cook vegetables or whatever. It's awesome. And, I almost forgot, I use it to boil water to put in my hot water bottle when it's really cold and my feet are like ice!

America needs electric kettles!


Janet said...

I think that we have the instant hot faucets at our sinks as an answer to the kettles but I always thought that they used up too much energy for the "green" sensitive folks of the USA. I like the idea of the kettle better.

I'm Jennifer said...

I've realized the environment conscious in America look like litterbugs and energy abusers compared to the British; they are so hard core. There are commercials that tell you to only boil the exact amount of water you need for your coffee.