Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Not as young as I used to be

Monday and Tuesday, the schools were closed for teacher work days so we planned a Youth Fellowship event: sleepover and roller bowling!

Last night thirteen kids showed up at our house around 7:00, we hung out and ate for a while and then the girls left for the house where we slept. Normal boy/girl sleepover stuff ensued. James was smart and went to sleep around 2:30, I was up until 4:00. When the alarm went off at 8:00, I thought I was dreaming.

Back to our house for breakfast (made by one of the kids who's family owns a butchers shop), then left for Roller Bowl at 10:30. They call it Roller Bowl because here, this is bowling. Three games of bowling and then Harry Ramsden's for fish and chips.

I fell asleep on the way home. We cleaned up the house, and have been sitting on the couch ever since. There was a time when 4 hours of sleep followed by a full day wouldn't phase me. I'm getting old and less resilient.

Looks just like an American bowling alley, just with a different name.

These are some of our Youth Fellowship kids.


Janet said...

James might have gotten more sleep but you look more awake and ready to roll or is that bowl?

Anna said...

It looks so much nicer than Oaklawn Bowling lanes. Do they also serve chili chesse fries and corndogs? If you are having a corndog jones, I ship some State Fair editions first class mail- hate for you to get too continental. :)