Thursday, November 29, 2007

Only 23 Days Until...

Winter Solstice!

I'm stoked for December 22nd to get here because that means the days will slowly begin to get longer again. Currently the sun is down by 3:30; by 12:30 it's almost at the point where we can't see the sun over our neighbors houses. It rises around 8:30.

I'm not complaining, since we'll get our fair share of sunshine in the summer when on the longest day we'll see the sun rise around 4:00 AM and set around 10:30 PM. We're already prepared with blackout blinds from Ikea so the sun won't tempt us to wake up at 4 AM.

Until those long summer days, thanks to my parents generosity, I'm adding a little extra sunshine to my days with my Happy Light!

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