Saturday, December 01, 2007

Goodbye to the Best Blueberry Donut Ever

I love blueberry cake donuts (not the ones with the yucky gel filling). It was disappointing not to be able to get them in a Richmond Donut shop. Krispy Kreme on Broad St. doesn't sell them; Dunkin' Donuts has them, but who wants to go way down Staples Mill.

When I was first directed to Rainbow Donuts by my friend Blare, I was smitten at my first bite of their glorious blueberry cake donut. Every excuse we could find, we were at Rainbow Donuts. This was during the year and 1/2 when we were constantly doing renovation work on our house, and our awesome friends and family were helping out a lot. What better way to welcome them on a Saturday morning than with a dozen donuts from the best donut shop in town. If we had some out-of-town visitors, or were hanging out with some friends who live outside the city limits, they probably needed to experience Rainbow Donuts, so we would sacrificially escort them.

Today, I was informed by WOTBN, that Rainbow Donuts is closing.

Searching my blog entries for donuts resulted in 6 posts where I mention eating Rainbow Donuts. Here is the record of my very first Rainbow Donuts experience (if you happen to follow that link, keep in mind I really enjoy running, so the title will tell you just how much I love the BCD at RD).

The donuts were delicious, but that was only part of the experience. The owner (I'm sad to say I can't remember his name right now) is a man of few words, very kind, and extremely hard-working. My favorite part about the place was that generational and economical barriers were destroyed. On any given Saturday morning, I wouldn't be surprised to walk in to find a homeless guy or gal, the elderly guys who sit there all day drinking coffee, and the West End mom in her humongo SUV with her two kids in their soccer uniforms.

Apparently the owner of Rainbow was given a deal by McDonald's that he couldn't refuse. I can only hope that he'll decide to set up shop somewhere else, but it would have to be housed in another hole-in-the-wall or it just wouldn't be the same. Who am I kidding, I wouldn't care if he sold them out of the back of his car, as long as he had that blueberry cake donut, I'm there...well, as soon as I get back to America.


Jennifer Stumpf said...

hi! actually the owner of Rainbow Donuts only leased his space and the entire lot was sold to McDonald's by the owner of the lease, including the car wash, the insurance agent and the donut shop. so the only deal that was had was by the owner of the whole complex, not by Chow, the owner of Rainbow Donuts. My husband and I used to go there all the time (bad for waistline, good in every other way!) and a regular of the store said Chow was going to take about six months off and then try to re-open somewhere else in Richmond. I haven't found him, and I don't think he has re-opened, at least not in this area, which is a real shame. That's life, unfortunately! by the way, that McDonald's sucks!!

Jeff In Richmond said...

My wide Jennifer and I are moving from Richmond to DC later this Spring and were talking about the things we'd miss the most about Richmond and we both said Rainbow Donuts. Wow, I loved that place, but the funny thing is, I didn't value it when it was here. We just took it for granted. I gues the bottom line is to live in the moment and realise all the special things we have around us. Its a funny thing when it takes a bear claw, or a Boston Creme Filled, or that old Blueberry donut to realise that. Ode to Rainbow donuts! Chow, please re-open Rainbow donuts in Richmomd!