Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tumble Dryer!

No more clothes hanging all over the house, no more jeans that never regain their shape, no more socks that fall off when I'm running from being stretched out, no more having to plan 6 days ahead a time to account for drying time. We are the proud owners of a tumble dryer (known in America as simply a dryer).

We found it on Ebay and picked it up in Inverness, an hours drive from Dornoch. The dryer is less than a year old, looks brand new, and was a fifth of the price it would cost new.

All those "no more's" aren't real problems, just aspects of our life in Dornoch that aren't there anymore!

It is funny where it's set up. The only place it fits is in the
spare bedroom/office/storage room/bike rack (aka the slash room. bring back memories from living at 2119 old roommates?). And there's not an external vent, so we have to stick the tubing out the window when the dryer is running. Should make for some interesting cold days!


Betty M said...

Maybe the heat from the dryer will make up for the open window. :o) Hope my husband never reads this comment.

Right Coasted said...

We have slash room out here too!

Except it's computer/guest bedroom/music room/sewing room.

Allison said...

It's funny how suddenly you look at furniture in a new way, thinking "how can I hang clothes on this?"

Amy said...

I'm so jealous!!! :)

I'm Jennifer said...

rapid fire comments:

betty: it does, i was so surprised! I won't tell John!

jeremiah: slash rooms are a necessity, if you ask me

allison: you should see what it looked like drying sheets and towels: like we were building a fort!

amy: I've thought a lot about you guy's while getting this dryer, my sympathy still goes out to you! just think about how your clothes will have a longer life from not drying them. not working? well, it was worth a shot.