Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Climatization and Running

It's amazing how fast your body adjusts to your environment.
Yesterday it was 10 degrees Celsius which is 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This is much better than the 1-5 degrees C it has been the last week or so.

I enjoy running, usually. I discovered in the last few years that it's great therapy for me. James realizes this too and is awesome at encouraging me to go, especially on those nasty weather days when I don't feel like being outside period.

There was a time when rain, wind, and clouds would mean no running for me. Since those weather conditions are common in the Highlands of Scotland, I realized early on I'd have to embrace them if I wanted to stay mentally and physically fit.

Sometimes it takes a while to work up the nerve to actually step out into the elements, and the first half mile I'm trying to run as fast as I can to get warmed up super fast, but I'm always glad I've gone when it's over.

Yesterday was monumental. At 50F, I was able to run without a hat or gloves, with only one short-sleeved t-shirt, knee length running pants, and a windbreaker that I didn't even need after the first 5 minutes. It was amazing.

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Janet said...

Your making me feel guilty, Jenn. I haven't been out to walk because of the rain/ snow thing we've been having. I couldn't even make myself do my 3 mi. walking tape because I was cold in the house and now it's too late. It's supposed to be 15F tonight so I guess that will be my excuse for tomorrow. I'll think of you for my inspiration!!! I'm laughing at myself while writing this.