Monday, December 03, 2007

Advertising Works

Scots speak English, but it's definitely different from the English that I've spent 27 years learning. One of the ways the "language barrier" has cropped up is realizing how we Americans use brand names to refer to products rather than the product's specific name.

We've asked for things such as Scotch Tape and Saran Wrap, only to receive blank looks. It happens so often for certain products, that I'm hard-pressed to come up with an alternative name to use.

I've listed a few I've thought of; some might be ones I only use myself. If we've learned the Scottish Version (SV), I've listed that.

Advil/Tylenol/Instead of Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen

These two take you back, don't they!? I actually still own a pink discman, it's packed away somewhere.

Chap Stick
/ I mean really, what other word would you use? I guess lip balm, but that just sounds weird.

Saran Wrap/ Scottish Version: cling film

Bandaids/ SV: plaster

Coke/ SV: fizzy juice

Q-Tips/SV: I can't remember

Scotch Tape/ SV: cellophane tape

Bisquick/ SV: Pancake Mix (which is probably what most Americans would call it.)

Karo Syrup/ SV: they don't sell it here. I tried to make Pecan Pie for Thanksgiving and had to make another dessert (SV: pudding).

Here's one that Scottish people use: they say Hoover when referring to any vacuum cleaner.

Can you guy's think of any more?


Anonymous said...

Kleenex (they're really tissues)

Jello - I guess you would call it gelatin, but I can't imagine

Reynolds Wrap - although foil
takes up less syllables

I'm sure there's more, but it's late . . . .


Andrea said...

Styrofoam - plastic foam, found this one when I typed styrofoam and spell check capitalized it.

Teflon - nonstick coating

Vaseline - petroleum jelly

Velcro - hook and loop fastener

Xerox - photocopy

I'm Jennifer said...

Wow, you guy's are good at this!

Scottish people call Jello, Jelly; and Jelly they call Jam. Confused? Us too.

susu said...

I thought I could think of some but I'm drawing a blank right now....
I can't believe they don't eat PBJ!!!!! Of courst I would have to differ you you guys about brand....I much more prefer know choosy mothers....
Peter Pan is much to slimy.