Friday, January 04, 2008

Milk & Bread! Milk & Bread!

Anyone from Richmond knows what the title refers to. Any hint of a flurry and people mob grocery stores, clearing out the shelves, for fear that they'd be stuck inside for a month. (Leah, this phrase always brings to mind an image of you yelling it at the top of your lungs; it makes me laugh!)

Driving back from the airport in Edinburgh to Dornoch was quite an adventure. It usually takes about 3.5 hours; tonight it was a 7 hour trip. It snowed like crazy yesterday and today. The roads weren't bad until we were about an hour into the drive. At some moments it was a complete Whiteout. There was nowhere to stop, so we just crept along at a snails pace. The creeping ended we came to a standstill behind a line of cars.

There we sat for two hours while our little Clio shook in the wind. The highway people used their snow gates to close the A9 (the road we were on) since it was so dangerous, and then came to our rescue hours later with some snow plows. I'd never been so excited to see heavy machinery since up until that point, we thought we'd be spending the night in our car!

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Paul Hammond said...

The very same panic occurs almost anywhere apocalypic whether occasionally occurs. When I lived in Tampa, the mere mention of a tropical storm brought a similar rush on Publix, Tampa's equivalent to Ukrops.

I envy your adventures in Scotland. Say hello to Glascow, Edinburgh and Hadrian's Wall for me. A few snapshots would be greatly appreciated. Happy travels and return to Richmond safely.