Tuesday, March 18, 2008


That's how people here refer to air conditioning, or A/C as we would say. Air-con isn't used much, actually next to never. I was surprised to find that our car doesn't have it, neither do any cars that I've ever ridden in. My spoiled American question was, "well what do you do if there's a really hot day?." One answer would be, roll down the window. The Scottish answer would be, "what does a really hot day feel like?" Most houses don't have it either.

I went to a gym tonight with a couple of friends. During my introduction session, the girl showing us around told us all about the air-con and how it helps to keep the place from smelling. She also made sure we knew not to open the windows, or we'd just be negating the effects of the air-con and wasting money. I realized that even though that's common sense for people who live in a society used to air-con, it probably wouldn't cross the minds of people here.

It makes me wonder how many things are common sense to Scots that I have no idea about. I'll never know exactly how many times I've made a fool of myself when i didn't have a clue about something that is common knowledge. Scots are just too kind to call me out on these things.

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