Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It was St. Patrick's Day?

I didn't even realize yesterday was St. Patrick's day until I saw mention of it in a Richmond, Virginia newspaper online. If I were in America, there's no way I could get past the day and forget it was time to drink green beer, pinch every person not wearing green, or dress up like a leprechaun.

I would have thought that being so close to Ireland, it would be a fairly popular celebration here in Scotland. I guess not.

Maybe there are more Irish people in America than in Scotland. Or maybe America is overtaken by commercialism, or has more people that need an excuse to have a party. Even though I've never done much to celebrate the day, I miss at least acknowledging that it was St. Patrick's Day, especially with a last name like Murphy.


Leah said...

we went to get some green beers at the corner bar yesterday... i kept saying my last name was Murphy, Jeremiah was very quick to correct me. sigh.

I'm Jennifer said...

Even with a new last name, you'll always be a "Murphy girl" at heart!

AmyO said...

St. Patrick's day was non-existent in Mexico also. :) I didn't even realize that it had come and gone!