Friday, March 14, 2008

When Stress is Funny

James has decided he wants me to be his hairdresser. This totally stresses me out. To date, I've given him three haircuts; each one is preceded by about a week of him begging me to do it and me procrastinating and making excuses. He's all into how much money this will save us over the next however many years, especially if we have a gaggle of little boys and I cut their hair too. While I'm all for saving money, I've never been inclined to be a beautician in the past, and don't have any sort of urge to now.

Today was a haircut day. I get so stressed out about it, thinking I'm going to screw up, that I can't hold in my nervous laughter. I have to keep telling him, "I can't help laughing, it's not because I've messed up, I just can't help it" Cutting his hair totally gives me the giggles.

You should see the scissors I have to use, it's the tiny kind you'd use to cut nose hairs with. You'd laugh too.


Keallie said...

If you want to see a picture-worthy expression, try suddenly saying "oops" while you're cutting! :-)

Hee hee,

I'm Jennifer said...

There was one point when I forgot to put the guard back on the was almost a disaster.

Allison said...

So funny! I totally understand the pressure of doing a good job--I gave Sam his first haircut a few weeks ago. I don't think we've ever spent that long together without me saying a word. Too much to concentrate on!

Janet said...

I could send you some pictures of James's bowl cut hair days. You would be much less stressed and you would definately be giggling. It did save money and I thought he looked cute. Janet

Allie said...

When Andrew and I started dating I asked if he would let me shave his head (he shaves his head because he thinks it's the easiest haircut and he can't see spending $10 for someone to shave his head). He said yes and I was so nervous that I barely even cut any hair. He had to go back over it himself and he won't let me shave his head anymore.

AmyO said...

Hahaha. I cut part of Josh's hair with nose clippers a month ago. However, in the metro station the other day a guy was selling hair scissors for 10 pesos (a dollar) so I got some, hoping that I can use those if he needs another trim. :)