Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hi there. Let's get reacquainted.

I'd like to introduce myself, I'm the author of this blog, but you might not remember me, I've been away for quite some time.

If you look here, you'll find one of the reasons I've been MIA. When I wrote that post back in the beginning of April, I thought internet would be up and running in two weeks. That, I've found, was a gross underestimation. It has now been two months, and the possibility of internet access in our home is still barely visible on the horizon.

I'd tell you the ridiculous story of why our attempts at transferring internet to our new house has been foiled many, many times, but seriously, it's a horrible thing to even think of complaining about, when I have food, shelter, water, and lots of other stuff that so many people in the world only dream of having. I'm feeling slightly ashamed of my spoiled self at the moment, so let's move on.

Our trip home was AMAZING. Relaxing? Definitely not. Invigorating? Absolutely. We ran from social event to social event, soaked in the love of our family and friends, hugged at least a bajillion people, and totally crashed in the planes and airports on our way home to Dornoch. (Yes I did just call both places home, because at the moment, we have two homes. Kinda weird, but nice.)

Thanks to everyone at home for fitting us into your schedules and for making us feel so welcomed and missed, we miss you all so much! It felt like we'd barely been away.

So now what? Well, we've got about 15.5 months left of our two year commitment to live in Dornoch, Scotland and work with the kids here. It's going well so far; amazingly well, really. There are frustrations, of course, but those frustrations don't have anything to do with the kids we've gotten to know. They're all awesome!

Hopefully I'll be updating you more frequently, but I'm not making any promises. Thanks for hanging in there with me!

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