Thursday, May 29, 2008

The word "challenge" should have clued me in.

James and I are both going camping next week. But we will be on different trips, very different trips.

Here's where I'll be. Did you check it out? See those nice rooms and the sauna, full gym, and even clay pigeon shooting?

Oh, wait, I'm actually on the Alladale Wilderness Reserve on the Alladale Challenge trip. Did you see the photo of the kids all bundled up in their rain suits? Yup, that'll be me all next week.

The secondary school (middle and high schools) in Dornoch asked James and I if we were interested in helping out with any of the school trips that were happening during the week where most kids can choose a school-sponsored trip to attend. Some are going to Belgium, France, or Denmark, others are staying in Scotland for camping style trips. Of course, there isn't a shortage of chaperone's on any of the international trips; shocking. We told the school just to sign us up wherever we were needed.

Giving someone else complete control over planning a week for me wasn't the best idea I've ever had.

My week will include living "under canvas" (who knows what that means), no showering (unless I want to wash in the river), digging a hole to use the toilet, and all sorts of other challenging outdoor experiences.

James' week includes sleeping inside on a bed and going to a theme park during the week.

Seriously though, even though I'll probably smell horrible, be very cold and wet the entire time, and pee on myself a couple of times (if only I knew about these in time to order them for the trip. darn.), I know it's going to be a great experience. I'm really looking forward to getting to know the girls that are going on the trip. The most important question many of the girls had was, "will we be able to take our hair straighteners?"

It will be a week sure to push us all pretty far out of our comfort zones.


Ross said...

Whoa totally awesome! Camping is the bessst! Maybe you'll get to build some trails -- which is the funnest slash most exhausting thing ever.

Also, living under canvas probably means "in a tent." Or maybe "under a tarp." But probably in a tent

Valerie said...

This shows how different Ross and I are. He says "Whoa totally awesome!" and I say "OMG that's the last thing I would want to do ever."

Janet said...

What I want to know is how did you find out about "these"? They might be good to carry in the car in case of emergencies!!!!!

Caroline said...

We didn't know how good we had it at Camp Willow Run. Sheesh. I bet you'll have a great time, and you'll all look "naturally beautiful" together.