Tuesday, June 24, 2008


This won't mean a thing to most of you, but my friend Anna has posted some memories from high school in light of our upcoming TEN year reunion. Yup. I'm getting that old. Old enough to be out of high school for a decade. She's listed some ridiculously funny memories from those 4 years. Just in case there are some other HHS Class of '98 friends out there, I wanted you to join in the reminiscing too.

*Disclaimer: In case you read Anna's list, and are wondering, I really didn't seriously think we should steal the bus. Moving it to the other side of the parking lot might have been funny though. But all you kids should never consider doing anything like that. Never ever.


Andrea said...

Too funny!

I'm Jennifer said...

I'm so glad someone else finds those things funny too!

Anna- the mother & author said...

Okay- so we didn't move that bus. However, we did move Mrs. Pleasant's mini-van following a NHS meeting senior year. Granted, it was only to the other end of the parking lot, but it was my brain-child. I'll take the hit in that I was the driver, but there were other people in that van with me! (cough, couch) Can you believe she gave me, of all people, her car keys? What was she thinking!! This is why I am a distrustful teacher. I know karma is waiting for me in the form of one of my 8th graders who waiting to car-jack my whip.