Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekend Review: It's Back!

I used to do this a while back (I copied the idea from Val) and stopped after we moved to Scotland. We're in more of a rhythm now, so I'll attempt to get back in the habit. Here goes...

-Up at 8:00
-Prepared for Scripture Union(SU)
-Cycled around town with James to run a couple of errands
-Intended to cycle to the Secondary School (middle and high school) for SU, but decided to ride home and get the car since it started raining.
-Hung out with the kids at SU, taught a lesson
-Home, did some other stuff, can't remember what
-Left for a farewell ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee. I know. Looks nothing like it.) for some American friends who are moving back to America. It was in a place called Nairn, about 1.5 hours from Dornoch. Guess who lives there.
-Did some Scottish country dancing, socialized, heard some gaelic singing (fyi, in Scotland, it's pronounced like garlic without the r.)
-Home around midnight.

-Up around 10:00
-Cleaned the house
-Made dinner, had James' and our young friend Alisha's help.
-Had two couple's over for dinner, had a great time.
-Cleaned up, to bed.

-Up at 8
-Left for Nairn again to be at our previously mentioned American friend's church for their last Sunday before they move.
-Attended the lunch afterward.
-Home around 3
-Was exhausted for some reason, rested, watched Grey's Anatomy via the internets.
-Kids came over at 7 for Youth Fellowship. James taught a lesson, had pizza, played some games
-Left the house at 9:30 to take some kids home and hang out at a friends house for the ritual Sunday night hang out with these friends.
-Was too exhausted, got James take me home so I could rest and so he could go back, eat Chinese, and hang out for a while without me needing to go home early.
-Resting, preparing for Scripture Union at the Primary (Elementary) School tomorrow.
-To sleep soon.

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Andrea said...

The White Witch?! Did you get any Turkish Delight.