Monday, September 01, 2008

Jennifer needs...

I've decided to participate in an "on-line experiment" after reading the results Anna had during the experiment she conducted. It made me curious about what I "need."

Here's what you do: go to Google, search for "(insert your name) needs," and then laugh at the hilarious things that come up. Read below to enjoy some of the things that I apparently need:

Jennifer needs...
-to be in a mental health facility right now
-a smack daddy
-a mortician
-a shave
-heavy visual depiction of her subject
-too much attention
-2 1/2 cups of sugar to make cookies for 15 people
-your prayers and best wishes
-to get out of sight for awhile, I mean really out of sight
-to loose some weight!
-a size negative zero
-a high profile
-to develop age-appropriate language for social situations
-some time to herself
-to take her time and stop trying to find a man better looking than Brad
-a mattress
-fashion help
-a better make-up artist
-to soar in some way
-financial guidance for the $920000 State Farm award
-to leave some mystery in her life
-to quit falling for these entertainment and Hollywood types
-to wear a bra
-to chill

Can you guess which ones are about a famous Jennifer (Lopez, Love-Hewitt, Aniston, Garner)? Some of them are actually very true of me, particularly the last one! And some of them I wish were true, like the one about $920,000.

Now it's your turn, google your name and tell me in the comments what you need.


Andrea said...

Okay, this is too are a few of the ones I can put here without turning red in the:

Andrea needs:
--me close to her heart
--help fast
--our prayers
--to read her Emily Post
--to fall asleep already

Mom said...

Mary Jo needs:
Chinese people
to retaliate
an overhaul
to spend her money
to just keep saying no
help with my whole life
court reporters
a new home
to be correct
to vent about yard sales
to have adequate agricultural statistics
to be more beautiful, more thin and more engaging!!!

Amy said...

Unfortunately, because Amy Winehouse is the most popular "Amy" in the news right now, I am unable to post half of what I found here on your blog. YIKES! But here are the highlights:

- Amy needs a break
- Amy needs a meal
- Amy needs a new blog

Amy said...

hahaha, sorry i have to post this one. It sounds like it is for a cat. Let's hope! :) hahaha.

"Amy needs to find a home where she can spend her golden years and be a cherished member of the family."