Monday, September 08, 2008

All Boy

You know that expression, "he's all boy"? These boys are definitely that. We've had the privilege to get to know them over the last year. I have so much respect for their mothers because these guy's are full of energy and wild antics. They love to come over and play Guitar Hero, then try to start a wrestling match with James. These boys make me want a whole gaggle of my own boys.


Anonymous said...

The Bible says that a man with a full Quiver is a great man.
I guess a woman with a gaggle would be a happy woman.
Love you both

andi said...

That's an awesome picture of boys.

Janet said...

Jenn, It's so good to see those faces again!!!! Their enthusiasm hasn't changed since I was there!!!!!

Melanie said...

Oh...the memories of some of my guys from HBC! Such energy!! and what faces!!