Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More on the America Trip

When we took some Scottish friends to the mission trip in West Virginia, we figured they'd enjoy a week of relaxing and sightseeing after a week of working in the mountains.

We arrived in Richmond on July 26th and let them rest for at least 8 hours before we showed them a jam-packed rockin' time in The Commonwealth.

The 7 Scots were hosted by 5 different families; friends of ours from our church in Richmond. They had a great time hanging out with kids their ages and seeing how we crazy Americans live. Here's some photos from several of the events we planned for them.

Kings Dominion had to be on the list of places to go, especially since there's nothing like it in Scotland. Here we are waiting in line, the usual at any theme park

Believe it or not, Krispy Kreme is legendary in Scotland. The closest place you can get them is in London, and that's about a 9 hour drive from Dornoch.

Our friend Melanie organized the Krispy Kreme event. It was a blast; a rediculous amount of donuts were consumed. We made sure to be there while they were making them so we could have some "Hot, Fresh, Now." Okay, okay, I know the sign just says "Hot, Now" but I really think they need to add the "Fresh" to their signs, it's a nice touch, don't you think?

Here's Cameron at the beginning of the night.

This was taken about two minutes later.


You can't come to Virginia from all the way across the ocean and not go to Washington D.C. Unfortunately we chose the hottest day of the summer to walk around the Mall and see all the monuments and memorials.

We finished off the day in D.C. with a Washington Nationals baseball game. They were playing the Phillies, (James's most fave team ever) so he was happy.

This is the Mackay family, they're from Dornoch (actually they'd prefer that I make the distinction and tell you that they're from Embo, a village two miles from Dornoch). They're fabulous. We love them.

That boy in the front in the green shirt is Sean; he's from Dornoch. If you know him, you won't be surprised one bit to know that he managed to get himself on the jumbotron within minutes of arriving at the stadium.

Can you see where we're sitting? All the way at the very tippy top. But, oh the glory of it, we had a nice breeze all night. Those poor people with "good" seats, how hot they must've been.

This was the picture we had taken to prove to our Phillie's loving husbands that, "see we did watch the game! I promise we did more than just chat the whole night!"

These girls are definitely on my most favorite people list. Nikki on the left lives in D.C., Jenna on the right lives in Richmond, they came up for the game. Jenna and her hubs Tim are coming to visit during Thanksgiving! There will be squeals of delight when we see them. (See that person giving us bunny ears? wait, wasn't that funny about 20 years ago?)

One evening we had a nice relaxing cookout in Powhatan.

There were even some fish caught. (yay dad!)

So there ends my photos. We did tons of other stuff that week like go to the beach, a pool party, did tons of shopping, but I don't have any photos to prove it, you'll just have to take my word for it.

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