Thursday, January 01, 2009

Fog and Frost Galore

Tuesday marked the third day in a row of incredibly thick fog. It was also the third day of frost. When it's as cold as it has been, the frost doesn't ever melt but builds on itself, and eventually it starts to look like snow.

The lack of visibility limits the things we'd choose to do with visitors since much of the activities have to do with seeing the beautiful landscape. So we tried to choose things that don't involve long range views.

This morning we took that hike at Big Burn that we've been on twice before; we see new things each time so we love taking people on it.

Hannah was stoked about the walk

We felt like being dangerous and balancing precariously over a little stream. Yes, it was little, but can you imagine what falling in freezing cold water would feel like? Wouldn't be nice.

There were some close calls.

I have to say, I was kinda nervous one of us would end up with an icicle piercing our tongue.

Tons of icicles!

You might have seen this waterfall in previous posts, but not with these people!

Check out Hannah's photography skills!

Self-taken photo extroadanaire

Here's an example of the fog on the road to Dunrobin Castle, but the photo doesn't capture the true thickness of it.

Next stop was Shin Falls, that's where the frost was the thickest.

The sunset was beautiful at the "Million Dollar View" and a tallest to shortest picture seemed to be a fun idea.

Tuesday ended with a viewing of Napolean Dynamite and a game of Ticket to Ride. My side-ponytail was a tribute to the movie.

Things got a bit heated as they sometimes do during Murphy board games

It was another great day with the Murphy girl's!


Ethan & Holly said...

dude, we'll have to come up and participate in these "Murphy board games"... love the pics!

Janet said...

Paul and I just watched Napoleon at Leah's and the side ponytail is just the thing!! What great pics. It's amazing to me to see how beautiful Scotland is in spite of the lack of sunshine (ferns still alive in the midst of winter). No big bang theory here. What a way to end a great day with Ticket to Ride.

Andrea said...

Glad you all are having a great time. Love the pics. I always feel like crying though...such beauty!

I'm Jennifer said...

e & h, you guy's should totally come up, we can have a board game night. super fun