Friday, January 02, 2009

A Great End to the Year

We woke up to the sun Wednesday morning, it was a glorious sight. I called our favorite pie shop in Lochinver and found out they would be closed for the next two weeks, if we wanted to partake in the goodness, we'd have to go that day.

We drove the same route across Scotland to the west coast as we did with other visitors, so we stopped at the same castle ruins that we've been to before.

More jumping for joy

This scene look familiar?

The most amazing part of the day was the drive along the west coast. We detoured off the main road to stop at a lighthouse. We had no idea what this lighthouse and the land around it was going to be like, but we were all amazed at what we found.

Jenna was the most adventurous of us all.

Don't worry, where I'm standing is not quite as treacherous as it looks

It felt like we were on the edge of the Earth

We made it to the Pie Shop just in time to get our pies and take them to-go; we found a nice spot to sit and watch the sunset and enjoy the deliciousness.

Next, it was home for just a bit, then out again to our friends house for some New Year's Eve hang out time before heading to the town square for the Hogmanay celebration.
Jenna taught everyone how to play spoons, it was a hit.

The lone piper playing at midnight at the top of a building in the square.

There was a fantastic fireworks show.

Could be a North Face ad

I love my mountain man.


After the party in the square, some friends met us at our house for some more hang out time, then it was off to bed. Must rest up for future adventures!


Janet said...

Very precious indeed. You're going to have to have a vacation when they leave.

Nikki said...

Dang! I just finished saying 2 days ago that only men who live in New England can get away with wearing flannel plaid shirts. Must add 'and Scotland' to that statement'.