Saturday, February 21, 2009

Year of the Visitor: Part Six

It's been about a month since our last visitor, but this weekend we were excited to continue with the sixth occurrence of visitors in our home over the past 6 months. Check out installments 1, 2, 3, and 4 if you'd like to catch up.

This amazing nature of our visitors didn't end with this installment. Ralph and Sylvia Hill of Georgia were strangers to us on Thursday, but they are now life-long friends. Unfortunately they were only with us for a mere 36 hours, but it was time enough for us to fall in love with them and want to adopt them and add another set of grandparents to our family tree.

They were in Brussels for the month of January, (on the same training trip James and I attended in 2007) and are now traveling through some parts of Scotland, meeting with people, and doing some research to find out more about what the next season of their life might look like. They're planning on moving to Scotland later in the year and will be working through the same organization that we are (Mission to the World).

The Hill's are an incredible couple. They are loving, thoughtful, encouraging, real, and just all around great people. The only way I know how to really get across their awesomeness is to say that they reflect God's love in an incredibly vivid way.

We were sad to see them, go but we are sure we'll see them again at some point. What a treat it was getting to know them!

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Hannah said...

That is so awesome and I cannot wait to introduce myself and talk to them! love and miss you, Hannah