Monday, March 30, 2009

Report: Bill & Kathy's Visit.

It was full of laughter. That's one way to sum up the Anderson's week in Dornoch. Anyone who knows the Anderson's knows that you can't get away from them without smiling or laughing. That's a great thing if you ask me. They kept everyone in stitches while they were here. The funniest conversation had to be when Bill was explaining to a group of Scots what the phrase "Bless his heart..." means when you live in the southern states of America. I wouldn't be surprised if that phrase was adopted in the Highlands of Scotland.

We didn't have them come all the way here just to work, we made sure we did some fun outdoors stuff with them too.

Here we're at the top of Ben Bhraggie (proves my point about the laughing!)

All those little blobs on that first sandbar are seals.

They came to Youth Club with us and joined right in.

Bill and Kathy came up with a great idea to have the Youth Club kids sign banners for Coleman and Spencer and let them know they're thinking of and praying for them. The HBC won't be the same without you this year Coleman and Mel!

These are some of the attendees of one of the training sessions Bill led.

It was awesome having them here, they were a huge help to us!


~Mary said...

I just found your blog! I love it!!
I'm from WV, but lived in Richmond for a time.
My hubby and I moved to East Kilbride in Feb 2008, and thought we'd be here for a year...we have no decisions to move back anytime soon.

I'm Jennifer said...

How fun! Hope you're enjoying Glasgow! we're heading to Glasgow tomorrow...get to see the Scotland v. Iceland match!