Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Year of the Visitor: Part Nine

I know, I know, it seems the only time I post these days is when we have visitors. Other exciting things do happen in our lives (like our FIFTH wedding anniversary! can you believe it's been FIVE YEARS?!), so much so, that I never get around to blogging about it. I won't make any promises, but maybe this is the start of more consistent blogging...as soon as life slows down next week.

The visitors this week are many, 10 to be exact. A group of 9 Americans are here to help us and the Dornoch Free Church run a Holiday Bible Club during one of the two weeks of the kids Easter school holidays. Eight have come from our home church, Stony Point, in Richmond. The ninth member is also from our home church but he had a shorter journey since he's living and working as a teacher in England. The tenth member of the team is a videographer who works for the same mission organization we do. We're so excited about the work he's here to do: document the entire week, so you too can see just how amazing the week has been so far (and will surely continue to be).

Our days are jam-packed with lots of great things and I'm needing some sleep, so for now you can read the daily updates that team members post to Stony Point's website. To the right of the posts, you'll see the photo gallery where you can click on "Dornoch Mission 2009" and check out over 300 photos (and the week isn't even half over, many more pictures to follow).

If there's one word I could use to sum up the Holiday Club so far it would be "joy." To see the joy on the kids, teachers, and helpers faces is so incredible. I hope the photos and reports can communicate some of that so you can catch a glimpse of how great the week has been so far.

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