Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Weekend in Review

Friday: After work, went home and made some Puppy Chow (delicious chocolate, pb, crispix, and powdered sugar desert thing). Left at 4:30 to babysit for my boss' 11 year old son, 5 year old daughter, and 4 year old twin boys. Had a ton of laughs and didn't stop moving for 5 hours. The daughters funniest comment came when I put chapstick on and she said to me, "I know why you wear chapstick...because you're married." My boss and his wife returned from finishing up Christmas shopping and, surprise surprise, bought me a gift! Not just any gift, OMG, a ridiculously expensive gift. Seriously, I was, and still am, in shock. This was on top my Christmas bonus and being paid for babysitting. Such generosity, how amazing. Arrived at home to find my fabulous husband working hard to straighten the house: just because we're used to living in a construction war zone, doesn't mean the in-laws have to be.

Saturday: As you may have seen from a previous post, Saturday was consumed by cleaning. We slept in a little and then got tons of stuff done. It was great. James and I have discovered that when we join forces, our efforts are not just doubled, but multiplied. My mom stopped by to check out our new bathroom...Whoo Hoo! When we moved into our house we had one bathroom. Now, instead of a closet downstairs, we have a half bathroom! It's the best thing ever. It wouldn't have been possible without the help of my dad. He did all the plumbing and tons of other stuff to make our dream a reality. Now I regularly yell, for no one in particular to hear, "I'm going to the bathroom...DOWNSTAIRS!" After cleaning, I cooked dinner: Pork Chops, each with a slice of green pepper, onion, pineapple and a tablespoon each of butter and terriaki. Served with spicy rice and green beans. It was quite good if I dont's say so myself. Some of the in-laws (James' parents and his two younger sisters) arrived around 7:30. We ate dinner. Hung out with the in-laws, went to bed.

Sunday: Went to Sunday School and Worship service at Stony Point Church. Had lunch at Jason's Deli with a bunch of people. Had the California Club, it was good. Went home, got ready for Franklin Street Community. Constable preached similar sermon to the one he had preached earlier that morning at SPC, it was a good one. Drank a little coffee after FSC, left for my parents house for the Christmas Eve family time. Had yummy lasagna, got some great gifts, gave some great gifts, had a great time overall.

Monday: Had the best wake-up call ever: my sister-in-law and her husband were on their way to my house! They arrived at 10:30. Had Christmas morning time with the in-law's. Made breakfast for everyone with James. Hung out until it was time to go to my parent's for the BIG family Christmas, tons o' cousins. Tried to go to sleep at midnight. Lay awake in bed for 2 hours. Took some meds to help me sleep, but they didn't work. Got really anxious about all the stuff that has to be done before we leave for Belgium. Got a couple hours of sleep before getting up to go to work...blah.

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