Saturday, December 23, 2006

A Cleaning Whirlwind

Today James and I are cleaning like mad people. For one thing, we've lived in a construction zone (and still do) for the past year, or what seems like a decade. And when you know everything will again get covered with drywall dust, paint chips, or sawdust, your motivation to do a thorough cleaning is lost. So since we're going out of the country for a month in January and in-law's are coming into town today, we figured it was a good time to git er' done (isn't that the most hick expression you've ever heard, it sometimes comes into my head but I refuse to say it out loud; I feel writing it is a little more acceptable, just this once).

Alright, that was enough of a break, I must get back to work...right after I sit here for a few more moments.

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