Sunday, December 10, 2006

My Weekend Review

I love my friend Valerie for many reasons. One reason is her love for and interest in her friends. She's made it known that she'd like to know what her friends have done during their weekends, so for her and anyone else who cares, I'm making this a weekly ritual.

Worked until 1:00. Went home to play with dog Owen, eat lunch, and relax on the couch for an hour. Drove to Southside to Sherwin-Williams to get the help of James' friend Jesse in picking out MORE paint for our house, interior and exterior. Left with a feeling of satisfaction and gratitude for friends like Jesse. Got some gasoline. Drove home to see husband and spend some time with him before he left for his basketball game. (he plays in a church league). Did some laundry. Decided to make some brownies for Ross and Marks birthday party. Made a huge mess when getting brownie mix out of cabinet and a full glass bottle of balsamic vinegar fell, shattered, and splashed all over the place. Cleaned up mess. Left for previously referred to party at 8:45 (would have left earlier if husband had been there to keep me on task and motivate me to hurry like he so capably does). Had amazing time at party, enjoyed some beverages, didn't leave until 2:30, felt less like the old adult I'm becoming.

Woke up at 7:00am to Owen's barking. Had a killer headache. Drank lots of water, took some Ibuprofen and a B-Complex Vitamin and went back to sleep. Woke up at 9:00 to my phone ringing. My amazing dad calling to say he was on his way to help us do some more work on the bathroom we're adding in our house. 11:00 went to my friend Blare's house (BFF since 3rd grade) for her and her roommate's second annual Christmas Brunch. Had a very fun time, ate delicious food, enjoyed some great conversations with people I hadn't seen in a while. Felt really old after I had a 10 minute conversation with another 26 year old about electric vs. gas ovens. Came home, still exhausted. Used some Great Stuff to close some gaps in the foyer (where we tore out the plaster and will soon have new drywall). Took the blinds from the living room outside and used the hose and some soap to clean them (they'd been off the windows while we were renovating the room and had gotten dusty). Took them back inside while still wet since it was sub-freezing temps and they had already begun to freeze. Went to Lowe's with husband. Bought sink vanity and toilet for new bathroom, and a chandelier type light fixture for the foyer (originally $103, our price $20!). Went to Stony Point mall with husband to use a Gap gift card I've had since the summer, got a sweater and some jeans. Really wanted to eat at PF Changs, it smelled really good. Went home and ate leftovers, glad we didn't spend the money. Hung the blinds up. Did some more laundry. Went to sleep at 12.

Woke up at 9:00, left for church at 9:45. Went to Sunday school (we help teach the 9th & 10th grade class) and then the worship service. Came home in time for James to get ready to play football with his friends at 1:00. Started making some lunch (Mrs. Fernow's Delicious Brunswick Stew...yum). Found more splashes of balsamic vinegar that I missed earlier. While waiting for lunch started using more Great Stuff. While on ladder, heard phone ringing. Saw that James had called, called him back. He had dislocated his finger and needed to go to the hospital. Turned off stove, Mrs. Fernow's would have to wait. Picked up James and drove to Henrico Dr.'s Hospital. The finger looked awesomely gross. Got to the hospital at 3:00. Saw the x-ray. Oh man, the bone was totally out of place. Dr. lady said she could pull it back in place without anesthesia. James said he wanted anesthesia, I said that would be best. Got the finger fixed. Left the hospital at 5:15. Picked up some pain meds from CVS. Drove to church for the congregational meeting. Listened to people talk about church business. Got home and ate Mrs. Fernow's! Did some more laundry. Watched A&E (Flip This House and Intervention). Went to sleep at 12.

Wow, recapping the week makes me see how packed it was, and appreciate all that I was able to do! Thanks Val!

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