Monday, December 11, 2006

Some things about my husband.

1. His laugh is seriously the most amazing laugh I've ever known. It's one of the first things that attracted me to him. If I hear him laugh and I'm not in the room, I smile and am instantly comforted.

2. My feet get REALLY cold. Especially in the winter, and especially in our 100+ year old house. Every night he lets me warm my icicle feet on his warm feet as long as it takes for them to warm up. This is truly a sacrifice, you would agree if you felt my feet.

3. He doesn't really have a 'mad face'. If we're arguing, even when he's really frustrated, he never shows it on his face. Somehow, his face always looks calm and collected. I love this.

4. He works very, very hard. He also know's how to relax like a champ.

5. Almost every time I tell him I love him, he says, "I love you more." And if it's, "You're so cute" he says, "You're cuter." Not to always one-up me, but to truly show me how much he loves me.

6. He's so silly, and loves it when I'm silly.

7. Growing up with three younger sisters, he's seen his share of drama. So now, he trys to keep the drama to a minimum.

8. He loves his guy friends and encourages my friendships with my girls.

9. I'm 5'4'', and he's 6'4'', and it's perfect.

10. The only thing he's addicted to is Sports Radio. And maybe Lipton Diet Green Tea with Citrus.

11. He appreciates, and works toward, a clean house.

12. At this point in time, we are equally frightened of having children.

13. He loves our animals.

14. He forgives, and apologizes, quickly and easily.

15. He knows how to find good deals.

16. I can get emotional, he stabilizes me.

17. He truly enjoys hanging out with my family.

18. He puts up with me constantly commenting on his dental health.

19. He helps me be punctual.

20. He proposed as we were jumping out of an airplane. There's a video.

21. His first words to me in the mornings always make me feel so loved.

22. He loves Jesus. He knows how much Jesus loves him. James' love for me helps me see how much Jesus loves me.

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Sarah said...

That's so sweet. I'm so happy you're happy!!!