Friday, December 15, 2006

Pets Are Wonderful Additions to Life!

Kristin over at Double Vision has had a couple of great posts recently about her dog (soon to be dogS). She's got a fun blog, you should check it out sometime. Here is where you'll see some of the negative feedback she's received on a recent post about possibly the cutest dog on earth. In support of her love for her dog (and sympathy for the mean emails she received), I'd like to tell you a little about our animals: Owen and Naomi.

Owen first came into our family in January of 2005. She was one of a litter of 6 that was left at the Richmond SPCA. Who knows how many breeds she's got in her. People have said she looks like any of the following: lab, pit bull, doberman pinscher, german shepherd, name it, apparently, she looks like it. Here she is enjoying a brand new bone. She can chew on something forever. I just bought her a new bone today since the other one is down to almost nothing. The bone in the picture lasted for months.
We love her so much, she just has to go to Scotland with us. Now let me tell you, it is not an easy thing to take an animal into a country that doesn't have rabies. If you take an animal into the country, they have to be quarantined for 6 months: not gonna happen to my dog. So there's this long process an animal must go through to bypass the quarantine. She's been through the process: she has a microchip, she's been vaccinated, her blood has been tested in a lab in Kansas, she will have more vaccinations, she waited 6 months...she's ready to go!

Naomi: We got her from a friend in May of 2005. I was having a really tough time choosing between two kittens. I left the room for a minute and was praying for some sort of sign to help me decide (sometimes I have a terrible time making decisions). When I returned, Naomi had jumped into the basket I would be transporting the new kitten home in; that sold me, she made it known that she was the one. She is a feisty one. At first, Naomi and Owen fought so roughly, we were afraid for Naomi's safety. But now, they are best friends. They wrestle all the time like they are the same species. Owen would never hurt Naomi, you can tell in the way he plays with her. Here she is as a kitten, so cute and tiny!
No, James is not trying to squeeze her with his humongous hand. Now she's bigger and getting more lovable by the day. Here's a picture of Owen and Naomi when they had only been sisters for a short while:
Naomi has also been through the necessary process to be allowed into Scotland, but we're not sure if we're going to take her. She can be a very anxious cat. When I take her to the vet, she has to be sedated. One time they had to put a muzzle on her to give her a shot! She HATES the car. I think the flight over there might be the end of her sanity. We are torn. Breaking the best of friends up and leaving our precious Naomi, or doing what's best for her. So now we are searching for a caretaker for two years, or possibly...(insert tears here) and new owner. The problem is, I don't think she would get along with other cats. So it's hard finding someone who would like a cat and who doesn't already have a cat. Any ideas?
Two final pictures:

Hope you enjoy your pets as much as we love ours!