Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Weekend Edition

It's already Wednesday???

Friday: Worked until 12:30. Had to go to Short Pump (ugghhh) to pick up some Christmas presents that were being engraved from Penelope. Got a few grocery items/pet products at Wal-Mart. Bought some coffee at Ukrops: Blanchard's brewed by a local. I highly recommend it. It's not available at all Ukrops, but if it's there, it will be located near the produce in bins, you bag it yourself. I have the Holiday Blend, delish. Did some domestic things around the house (actually, I don't really remember what I did, but I'm sure it was house stuff). Husband and I put a coat of primer on the soon to be bathroom, it's amazing we both fit in there at the same time with a ladder and paint. Went to a Christmas party for the Sunday school class we help teach. Played some fun games with them, but because they are 9th & 10th graders, the games are 10x funnier.

Saturday: More house renovation stuff. Mostly painted the exterior. Which included climbing through the access hole in the ceiling to get on the roof. And then lying on the roof and leaning over to paint the very top piece of molding on the front of the house. Amazing. A woman walked by and yelled, "Women can do anything men can do!" Also while outside painting, a man walked by and asked for bread and bologna for his four starving children. We said we didn't have bologna, but would be glad to give him turkey, ham, or roast beef. His children are picky, they only like bologna. So he left with a loaf of bread, no cold cuts. Went to my office Christmas party at 6. Had a white elephant gift exchange. I took a jar of 4 large bait frogs that was about 2 years old. My boss ended up with it. Left around 9:30 and made it to my friend's house for their Christmas cocktail party. Had a fabulous time chatting it up with some lovely ladies. Had some yummy food.

Sunday: Slept in, didn't make it to Sunday School. Went to church for the worship service. Had trouble staying awake. Went home and took a nap while James played football. Made some food for the FSC Christmas potluck. Had James pick me up for FSC because my keys were left in the car (left NOT locked, there is a difference). After FSC and potluck, went home and painted the first coat of paint on the soon to be bathroom walls, a nice green.


Shannon said...

Jennifer - would those frogs happen to be the same that were exchanged at the GABS white elephant a year ago? Just curious ;o)

Jennifer said...

They certainly are! But, we were smart enough to buy two jars, ie. two victims.