Friday, March 23, 2007

The Weekend Summary

Saw 300 with James. Lots of carnage and nakedness. I wouldn't reccommend it for kids, or any adults who don't like to see blood and unclothed bodies. But it was really good. Movies are rediculously expensive, I'd be bummed that we spent nearly $20 if it wasn't so visually impressive on the big screen.

Off of work, couldn't sleep later than 8:00.
Started doing laundry (total of 7 loads in one day)
Unintentionaly went to Ukrop's, Kroger, and The Market all in the same day (hit up Ukrop's for 50% off thrift)
Bought some t-shirt's for work
Worked around the house, completed 95% of my to-do list
Cooked dinner
Intended to go running, my stomach wasn't feeling up to it
Watched Grey's Anatomy re-run
Hung out with my husband
Ate some Edy's popsicles.
Fell asleep on the couch watching basketball

Up at 7:30 and again at 8:30: Owen barking
Up for good at 9:00
Went running
Found some Dansko's on Craig's List for super cheap, still waiting to hear if If I'm the lucky new owner
Cooked breakfast for lunch (sausage egg and cheese biscuits)
Did some organizing/discarding of stuff in our house: went through THOUSANDS of photographs
Had a great time with some friends and their two kids at dinner at Ashland Coffee & Tea
Bed at 12:00

Youth Bible Class (James taught on Proverbs and wisdom) and worship at Stony Point
Lunch with our friend Paul at Jason's Deli
Home to relax for 2.2 seconds
Franklin Street Community, the cookies and water were good, even better were the conversations with friends
Home to finish some organizational stuff, watch Real Life on MTV, eat a sandwich and popsicle for dinner and go to sleep at 12:00

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