Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Best Weekend EVERRRRR!

OK, so maybe not the best ever in my life, but man it was a good one. Mainly as a result of our house guests. I'll give you the short background on these friends before I sum up the weekend for you.

It was March 2005, James and I were driving to the ATL for a week-long training/interview/orientation for our upcoming two-year-long stint in Scotland. We were praying that we would meet at least one couple that we could hang out with that week. Our prayers were answered when we met Josh & Amy. They are going through the same process we are, with Mexico City as their destination. We met up again in Brussels, Belgium for the month of training in January. If you're part of a couple you'll know that it's not a requirement that both spouses be friends with each of the other pair, but it sure does make for a more enjoyable double date. There are certain people you click with and you're sure that you'll be friends for eternity. Josh and Amy are a perfect example of those people for us. As you can imagine, we were thrilled when we found out they'd be visiting from their home in Texas.

Here's the weekend wrap-up:
-Worked until 1:30
-Went to the 10K expo to pick up my race packet. Got some free Power Bars. Yum.
-Home to join James in cleaning the house so we can give the appearance that our house is always pretty clean. Even though we live in a super old house that will never be completely clean unless it's torn down and built again from scratch.
-Super excited and stoked that my husband is such a hard worker. He had done so much already!
-Went to my parent's house for my Dad's birthday dinner. Happy birthday Dad! I have a fabulous dad.
-Got home and welcomed the Oettle's (pronounced Ettly) into our home. Hung out for the rest of the night.
-Yay! The Oettle's are here!

The fam: dad, mom, brother, nephew, me, James

-My supremely supportive and sacrificial husband awoke at 8:00am to drive me to the Monument 10K
-Ran the 10K in 54 minutes. was excited about my time.
-Was so happy when I saw my husband, Owen, and Ross on the sidelines cheering. It was a great moment.
-Didn't do much of anything until 2:30 (Amy and Josh were hanging out with their sister)
-Went to my friend's wedding shower. Did the usual wedding shower stuff.
-Came home around 6:00
-Didn't do much of anything for the rest of the night
-Played a round of our most fave board game with James: Ticket to Ride (I bought it for James for our anniversary. You can also become addicted while playing online).

-Began a marathon Sabbath day at 7:30
-Arrived at church at 8:15 for the 8:30 service
-Since Amy and Josh are raising support, we had some things set up for them with our church so they could share their story with a new group of people. Amy sang and played her guitar at the 8:30 and 11:00 services. OMG, you have to hear the song, it's incredible. It's the one titled You Are Enough. Beautiful.
-Sunday School at 9:45. James taught a great lesson on Proverbs and fools.
-2nd church service at 11:00
-Lunch at The Hill Cafe with Josh and Amy
-Home for about one hour
-Franklin Street Community at 4:00
-Beverages and Brownies after FSC
-Off to Stony Point for the 5:45 service. The Oettle's gave a 15 minute talk on their heart for Mexico City and plans to live there
-Hung out with the youth group kids for a bit.
-Ate dinner at the Shared Meal after church
-Home to hang out and enjoy some beers

Monday (not officially part of the weekend, but our guests were here so it felt like the weekend to me)
-Work all day while the Oettle's explored Williamsburg & Jamestown
-Dinner with our friends, cheeseburgers and homemade guacamole made by Amy (you definitely want the recipe)
-Capital Ale House for some delicious beer
-Home again to hang out some more
-Said goodbye to friends, they were leaving in the morning

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