Friday, June 22, 2007


That would be the number of hours I just spent packing. That's nothing compared to what I've already done, or what is still to come. It's quite a job. I've moved A LOT in my relatively few years: I'm on move number 15 in 26 years (in 6 days change that to 27 years!).

This packing job is way different than all the others. One bunch of stuff is going into storage for 2 years. Every box is being labeled with everything that is in the box, lots of bubble wrap and such is being used. Every box is also being prayed over, to ward off the bugs and mildew. Another bunch of stuff is going to Scotland with us. I have no idea how to pack that stuff to withstand the flight and still stay within the airlines regulations (the specific airline has yet to be determined). Another bunch of stuff needs to go with us to our temporary home after we move out of our house. I can't think about this too much or I start to get overwhelmed.

There's only one thing left to do tonight: make some guacamole and eat lots of it. (Amy, you have no idea how much your delicious recipe is helping me stay sane.)

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