Sunday, June 24, 2007

Weekend Summary

-Biked to work
-Biked to Lowe's to buy some packing tape
-Had an old man ask me for a ride on my bike
-Biked Home
-Packed lots of boxes

-My awesome parents helped us paint, pack, put up drywall, and mud dryall. amazing. for the first time in almost a year since tearing down the plaster and lath, we have walls in our foyer!
-Watched Breach with my husband.

-Sunday school and worship service at Stony Point
-Lunch with parents at home
-Dad and James put another coat of drywall mud on the foyer walls
-Franklin Street Community
-Enjoyed a beer on the porch with Owen while James was enjoying a beer at Ipanema with Ross
-Watched a tv show about a family with a set of twins and a set of sextuplets. omg.


Anonymous said...

i watched three episodes last night; that family is crazy! did you catch how they describe their daughter Leah as "the little controller"

Jennifer said...

we did hear that! and james was sure to point out how one of the twins reminded him of a totally loving and admirable sort of way, of course!