Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Serious Props to the Churchill Firemen

I was biking to work this morning when I looked ahead and saw a big plume of smoke billowing way above the houses. Since I need glasses to see details at a distance, I couldn't tell where it was coming from until I was a block away. Thankfully, the fire was contained in a metal trash can. Not wanting to see a burned house on my ride home, (with memories of frequent fires in the recent past, like this one, one block east of the trash can) I called 911 to report the fire.

The trash can fire was located at 32nd street, I talked to a 911 lady when I was passing 29th street, by the time I passed the fire station on 24th street, the fire truck was pulling out of the station with it's lights flashing. That's only 5 blocks! Can you imagine how fast those guy's must move? I mean, seriously, how amazing is that? I don't know about you, but I am very impressed. I'm also very appreciative to have those guys protecting my neighborhood. Thanks so much Firemen, for all of your hardwork and sacrifices, you're doing an awesome job!

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