Sunday, June 17, 2007

Weekend Update

Off of work.
Spent all morning on the phone setting up meetings and events. (I don't like talking on the phone for extended periods of time. especially when I have to call a bazillion people and say the same thing over and over again.)
Needed more caffeine after the telephone marathon.
Packed up some boxes.
Ate dinner with James.
Did some more packing.

Saturday (James' Birthday!)
Got up super early.
Went to Ukrops and Wal-Mart and Church to get stuff for James' Birthday party cookout.
Packed more boxes.
Moved stuff around and put stuff upstairs so our house looked semi-functional.
Did some cleaning and laundry.
Had a BLAST at James' birthday cookout. Enjoyed good friends, had fabulous weather, ate all kinds of food.
Hung out with and got to know one neighbor couple better...we have awesome neighbors!
Went to sleep.

Tired, slept in.
Went to Church at Stony Point.
Took cookies and communion crackers to Franklin Street Community Church.
Went to my parents house for Bocce Ball/Horseshoes/Croquet Tournament and Cookout, and to celebrate Father's day. Ate all kinds of food.
Hung out at my parents with a fun family friend visiting from out of town.
Got home after 10.
Ready for bed.

Back to work tomorrow!

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Josh O said...

Woah! It was James' birthday on Saturday. Happy Birthday! There is a guy I used to work with that I thought was hilarious. This was only due to the fact that he would say things in the voice James does. All I will say is that this guy did not have a cool story as to where the voice came from. Weak, if you ask me.

Josh O