Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Electrical Inspection...Still Waiting

Here's an update on our saga with the City of Richmond Department of Permits and Inspections. I shared before about the first step in our attempt to get an inspection on some electrical work we had done in our home. There was a waiting period, followed by the extremely disappointing day when they showed up while we were there and left us a note asking to reschedule.

Two days after that, on Friday, I called the automated system and set up another appointment for the following Monday. In hopes of talking with a real person and getting some pointers on how to actually get this inspection to occur, I called back and waited on hold for 25 minutes. No joke. Never got through.

Since the recording tells me that they are still running three days behind schedule, I assume that they will definitely not be there on the actual day of the appointment, following suit from our prior appointment. Well, I was wrong. They came by, no call, and we weren't there. So they left us another note telling us to reschedule.

I made another appointment today. I then talked to Pam. Pam is wonderful. I got the address to her supervisor, I'm sending a letter in to recommend her for a raise. Her job must suck, she has to listen to people like me complain about the cities inefficient way of handling things when she has nothing to do with it and doesn't get payed nearly enough. She says she gets tons of calls just like mine every day. She was very patient and even let me give her my idea of how to better run the process.

Maybe the work will never get inspected, but at least Pam might get a raise.

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