Saturday, August 04, 2007

super stoked

My friend Nikki is on her way from D.C. to pick me up and head down to visit her parents at their house on Lake Gaston. We'll be there from this evening until Sunday evening.

When she called yesterday (because she rolls last minute like that) I turned down the invite, accepting a lunch date in Richmond on her way down. Then after talking to James about it, he helped me realize the value of spending time with her. We've been friends since 3rd grade (Val, you're totally right about the whole time thing.) and since she moved to D.C. after college, we don't get many chances to hang out. I know we won't be able to spend this much time together before we leave for Scotland.

Although we have a crazy list of stuff to do before we leave (hopefully the second week of September), people are more important than the to-do-list. I'm so glad to have a fabulous husband with a great perspective who encourages me to do things that he knows is best for me, even when I can't realize it myself.

Here's to water skiing, fun in the sun, great times with good friends, and my top notch husband!

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