Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Change in Plans

I've been convinced to revoke my declaration of no goodbye's at the airport. I was thinking it would make me too emotional on the flight, which is no fun for anyone, but I'm realizing it would be more work to keep people away from the airport. And I certainly do not need to add more items to my checklist.

Be warned, if you come, you might have to carry a trunk.

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Anonymous said...

I gave you away to James. I can give you away to God. I will carry all the bags if necessary. I will not say goodbye. I will say I love you both. I will cry as I am right now. But that is just as I am. I envy you for your courage to go and do as God wants you both to do. I have told you before...my biggest regret is I did not start doing missions trip 25-30 years ago when I still had the strength God blessed me in my youth. Our prayers will go with you. God bless you(GBYHAND).
Love you both with all my heart.