Saturday, August 18, 2007

Fun Birthday Surprise

My birthday was June 28th, and I got a present today! I LOVE getting late birthday presents, it lengthens the celebration for way longer. Today at work I recieved a package from the company who makes my addiction.

There was much anticipation concerning this package because it could not be delivered to our new address (a P.O. Box) so I had to talk to the shipper, and email Burt's Bees a couple of times to get them to ship the mystery package to another address. All the while having no idea what was in the package or who it was from.

My incredible sister-in-law Leah is the thoughtful gift-giver! She's just so fabulous. I miss her very much, she and her husband live in California, but I dream of the day when we both live in Richmond again. It's going to be so glorious.

This and this are my two new luxurious gifts.

Thanks Leah!

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Valerie said...

OMG I used the peppermint foot lotion ALL THE TIME when I was teaching. There is nothing better to relax aching feet.